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Zieher STAR - Borosilicate glass decanter

The individual star in the centre of the ”Star“ decanter integrates
the oxygen in the interior of the wine by gentle swings. The wine
develops the aroma very gently and balanced from its inside and not,
as with other decanters, at the surface only.
The exceptional
Worldwide the frst decanter of this kind!
No “Star“ looks alike!
Each piece is unique – created by craftsmanship.
An integrated recessed grip at the bottom provides easy and safe
handling during the service.
Ideal charge for a maximum of aeration
0.75 litres
decanter: high-grade borosilicate glass, robust and easy to clean
base: matt black silicone, guarantees a frm stand and allows an
inclined positioning
Delivery contains: 1 decanter with base
In black gift box

Zieher STAR – Borosilicate glass decanter

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