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Zieher EDDY - Borosilicate glass decanter

Inside the ”Eddy” decanter, the wines pass a development in taste
and structure by circulating and with manifold swirls in a time-lapse.
Within seconds, the wine experiences a respiration, which normally
can only be reached in a decanting process of several hours.
The exceptional
Introverse swirl elements provide a rapid development of the wine structure during the slewing process.
Ideal charge for a maximum of aeration
0.75 to 1.5 litres
decanter: high-grade borosilicate glass, robust and easy to clean
base: matt black silicone, guarantees a frm stand and allows an inclined
Delivery contains: 1 decanter with base
In black gift box

Zieher EDDY – Borosilicate glass decanter

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