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Stile Wine Bucket Stand by Pininfarina

Wine cooler stand STILE designed by Pininfarina

Total size: Ø 9.8 inch (25,5cm) – height: 22 inch (65cm)
Base: Ø 9.8 inch (25,5cm) – height: 1.6 inch (4,5cm)
Tube: Ø 1.6 inch (4,5cm) – height: 21.7 inch (55cm)
Upper part: Ø 9.8 inch (25,5cm) – height: 2.1 inch (5,5cm)
Material: stainless steel 18/10

Mepra solid experience and Pininfarina constant aesthetic research have created a collection in the pursuit of timeless values: Beauty, Purity, Innovation. With its contemporary, essential look, STILE brings elegance in the kitchen and to the table without forgoing functionality.

The pureness of the lines and the clean, essential geometries shape a collection in which function and style reach the perfect balance. Not only stylistic research, but also attention to safety, ergonomics and functionality, make STILE an expression of the highest Italian quality and the proof of an innovative approach to design, focused on people’s wishes and needs.

The STILE by Pininfarina collection contains cookware, flatware and the living collection.

By default this item has a mirror polished surface in stainless steel color. Please note that we an make this item on request in 3 surface treatments and 7 colors.

Surface treatment
Lucido: mirror polished
– Ice: matte brushed
– Peltro: vintage/stonewashed

– Stainless steel
– Oro: gold
– Oro Nero: black/titanium
– Champagne
– Bronzo: bronze/copper
– Arcobaleno: rainbow
– Argentato: Silverplated

The colors are applied with PVD technic and come with a lifetime warranty for peeling off. PVD is the acronym for Physical Vapour Deposition. PVD uses a physical process to produce a vapor of material, which is then deposited on the object which requires coating through vacuum.

This technology has been developed for the aeronautic industry and is used to cover the shuttles panels to make them more resistant. This technology has found an application in the professional flatware business to satisfy the demand of hotels and restaurants that are looking for heavy duty gold-plated cutlery.

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