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Iseco Carbo Fresh Trolley

ISECO the renowned manufacturer of meal distribution trolleys from France in collaboration with Air Liquide (a global player in the production of industrial gas) has developed and adapted a very impressive system of refrigerating trolleys. The trolley is equipped internally with a special cassette that utilises liquified Carbon Dioxide(CO2). The cassette is injected with CO2 which instantly reduces the internal temperature of the trolley to 3 ̊C while at the same time filling the cassette with dry-ice.

The trolley loaded with chilled food is kept refrigerated by the CO2 (snow) which gradually sublimates and absorbs heat creating the required chill effect, whatever the ambient air-temperature. When no heat is absorbed (because the food is loaded at the correct cold temperature) there is hardly any sublimation of CO2. Ambient air temperature, duration time of transportation, and the actual contents of the trolley all combine to determine the volume of CO2 required to be injected. Therefore, there are no moving parts or refrigerants utilised


The beauty of the system is that Air Liquide provides a scalable infrastructure solution for every site. From small, portable solutions to large scale production sites. The cost is amortised through the supply of CO2 to site so the outlay is minimised.


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