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Hoeller Ice Teppanyaki Grill

Höller Ice Teppanyaki Grill


Live Cooking is such a big part of the presentation of food to guests in buffet and banqueting. Now there is a product available for live dessert ‘cooking’. The Höller Ice Teppanyaki Grill allows you to create rolled ice cream, from fresh ingredients, live in front of your guests.

The grill goes as low a -40°C, but runs perfectly at -30°C. At this temperature, the ice cream mix won’t crystallise, ensuring the scrolls have a beautiful, creamy texture

Höller Ice Teppanyaki Grill is also a popular addition to ice-cream shops, restaurants, takeaways and can be its own stand-alone business at market type locations.

1. Add you liquid ice-cream mix & fresh ingredients
2. Mix it together
3. Spread out over the grill
4. Scroll it up and serve

Höller Ice Teppanyaki Grill come in two counter top models and two built-in models. Custom sizes and finishes are available:

On Counter Ice Plate 500×300 – JH300004
to -40°C
500x300x290 mm, depth 15mm


On Counter Ice Plate 450 – JH300001
to -30°C
450x450x290 mm, depth 15mm


Built-in Ice Plate 1/1 – JHIceTeppan1
to -40°C
500x300x230mm, Depth 15 mm
built-in Ice Plate 450 – JH300003
to -40°C
450×450 Depth 15 mm
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