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Figgjo Flom Buffet Platters GN 2/4

Figgjo Flom Buffet Platters GN 2/4

Figgjo Buffet Platters bring form and function, combined with beautiful Scandinavian design to any high-end buffet. ‘From’ simply means marble pattern. The platter are individually sprayed in an array of colours to bring brightness and match the decor of the room.

Figgjo Platters are just a small part of a formidable range of buffet products by Figgjo. Figgjo trays are products that contribute to a well-functioning and complete installation. The products are designed to be combined with all the Figgjo Basic Series and can therefore be chosen according to form and function.

The variation in available shapes is large, with the softer Arena and Ellipse trays as a contrast to the angular Figgjo Form. All the GN trays and a large number of the Form trays have plastic lids that can also be used under the trays to create height on a buffet.


Figgjo Klassik Buffet bowls compliment this range beautifully



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