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Figgjo 'Base' Skygge Range - Made in Norway

Figgjo is the sole remaining porcelain manufacturer in the Nordics. Figgjo’s ‘Base Skygge’  range is beautiful, typically Scaninavian design that is both aesthetic and functional with sprayed edge in a multitude of colours. A range of generous coupe style plates and bowls & platters (some with handles as well as a large range of cups and mugs

Skygge means shadow

Figgjo Skygge is decorated with a spray of color, ranging from light to dark on the same plate. This shadow-like decor gives an interesting interaction with the food.

Available Range

Style                            Dimensions in cm

Plate                            30.0

Plate                            27.0

Plate                            23.0

Plate                            20.0

Plate                            14.5

Plate high edge           27.0

Plate high edge           22.0

Plate high edge           17.0

Bowl                            10.0

Bowl                            7.0

Plate semi deep          27.0

Bowl deep                   20.0

Bowl deep                   24.0

Plate w/handle           27 x 33.5

Plate w/handle           23 x 26.5

Plate w/handle           18 x 28

Plate w/handle           24 x 10

Plate high w/handle   16.0 x 18.5

Plate deep w/handle  20 x 23.7

Cup                              5.5

Cup                              5.5

Saucer                         13.0

Cup                              7.0

Cup without handle    7.0

Cup                              10.0

Saucer                         14.5

Mug                             7.2

Mug                             8.5

Mug without handle   7.2

Cup                              12.0

Saucer                         17.0

Made in Norway

The range is available in a huge range of colours. See below palette.

Figgjo Base features casual, generous plates and cups. The plates come with either a low or high rim. Two
have been elevated to pedestal plates and some features a solid handle reminiscent of kitchen pans and
chopping boards. The products in our Figgjo Base range are honest and genuine in their white simplicity.
Several of the products also feature coloured surfaces in various down-to-earth looks.


5516CH | 18,5 x 16 cm H6,5 cm | 45 cl
5515CH | 20cm | 60 cl

Made in Norway

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