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EcoServe is a waterless alternative to chafing dishes that gives you premium food presentation options.


EcoServe offers the hospitality industry a modern approach to buffets through showcasing kitchen creations in a more elegant style. It’s patented heat-transfer technologies allow for a slick design while keeping food at optimum temperature.
Various colours, sizes and custom-made options are available, so you can style the look and feel of any buffet.


An aluminium hotplate is used to keep dishes warm, so no water is required. That reduces hotels water usage, and no fuel is wasted waiting for water to heat as the EcoServe is ready within five minutes.


The lack of water ensures no unsightly plumes of steam or food pans that are dripping boiling water when replacing food. Just swap out dishes for fresh portions with ease and elegance. EcoBurner also powers EcoServe so your staff and guests are no longer subject to toxic chafing fuels that are typical in gel & wick pots.

Quicker Set-up:

Unlike traditional chafing dishes, there’s no need for any water for EcoServe to function. Therefore, your staff no longer need to fill or transport large pans of water and wait for it
to get to temperature. EcoServe is hot in less than five minutes, so you’re set-up and ready for guests in no time.


EcoServe allows you to build your buffet according to your needs. As little as one or as many as 50 or more EcoServes will look great at any indoor or outdoor buffet.


No electricity so no cables – ideal for indoor or outdoor use.



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