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Tableware with integrated Hot and Cold technology


The brand name literally embraces two subjects, namely “health” and “taste”. Health because of the integrated Tempcontrol® technology which ensures your food will always be served at the perfect temperature. Taste because the food served at the ideal temperature always tastes best.

By connecting design porcelain tableware and top-notch technology, Sanodegusto creates something unprecedented and will become a major milestone in the world of hospitality


Tempcontrol® is a revolutionary heating & cooling technology, integrated into a beautiful range of tableware, serve ware & accessories

The technology consists of a cold & warm stimulating material which keeps the tableware at the right temperature long than any other tableware worldwide.

The warm technology will remain at the optimum temperature for well over 30 minutes and is ingenious enough not to exceed the perfect serving temperature so as to not continue ‘cooking’ the food. Similarly, the cold technology in maintained for well over 30 minutes so your guests experience their menu choice at the temperature it’s meant to be served. Your food will always be served at the right temperature with all flavours preserved. Sanodegusto tableware gives you more time to plate and serve your dish and there is no need to rush to finish eating, as Tempcontrol® guarantees the perfect temperature of the plate until the end of dining experience.

Simply place the warm or cool plate in the plate warmer or fridge/freezer for 90 minutes.

‘This product is perfect for room service, aged care, buffets, restaurants, catering and even signature dishes such as chateaubriand or sashimi’


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