Iseco – Guaranteed Temperature Control in Cold Food Distribution

With a big shift occuring towards central production kitchens for distribution to satellite locations, the guarantee of delivering product within HACCP guidelines has always been an issue. The amount of critical controls points involved up until the meal is delivered to your guest or resident is numerous. Examples such as distribution of product via the […]

Eco Pan – The Perfect Food Warming Solution for Resort & Outdoor Buffets

The Pacific Islands is the most beautiful holiday destination in the world. It’s no wonder it’s a dream for people from all over the world to experience. We’re sure places like Fiji, Cook Islands, Vanuatu & New Caledonia are all in people’s minds to visit as soon as they are allowed to. Pacific Island resorts sprawl […]

Stylish, Scandinavian Countertop Heat Lamps

Swedish manufacturer, STAYHOT not only produce stylish pendant style heat lamps. They have released a range of superbly styled countertop heatlamps. They come in a range of matt and metalic colours & come with STAYHOT’s market leading 2 year warranty. Our heat lamps offer a timeless design combined with unmatched performance — the perfect choice […]

New Inductwarm Installation Gallery

A new installation gallery document is available for download, showcasing the latest installations throughout Europe. In previous posts, we have focussed on the invisible induction system called InductWarm 130+. In this post we explore the entire range: InductWarm 130+- Invisible Undercounter Induction InductWarm 200 – Built-in or countertop, multi-zone Induction warming system InductCook 330 – […]

Convert Your Existing Chafing Dish to WATERLESS with Eco Pan

Carrying dangerous hot water to the buffet?  Carrying cold water to the buffet & wasting money heating it up?  Having trouble with wind blowing out your gel or wick burners?  Worried about the environment and your staff & customer’s safety? Is your food quality poor due to the steam caused by water? Is outside catering […]

Ultralight Sommelier Glassware – Made in France

Lehmann Glass from Reims in France have been pairing their glass manufacturing techniques with design advice from the world’s best sommeliers & industry experts for decades. In recent years they have been developing advanced manufacturing techniques for both hand-made and machine-made glassware which has resulted in the fine but durable ‘Ultralight’ glassware range. These ranges […]

Invisible Induction Heating – Swiss technology

Gastros from Switzerland is an innovator in hot food presentation. Their flagship product is the Inductwarm 130+ which is an under bench mounted induction warmer heats up induction compatible dishes through the stone surface (manufactured). The Gastros Inductwarm 130+ can be installed without cutting holes in the surface and creating a seamless surface. The Gastros […]


We are pleased to introduce the Scandinavian designed and manufactured range of Heatlamps to our portfolio. Our heat lamps offer a timeless design combined with unmatched performance — the perfect choice for the demanding restaurant. Using only components of the highest quality, these heat lamps are manufactured with precision in Sollentuna, Sweden. key points 100% manufactured […]

New Eco Serve Catalogue – 2021

Eco Serve / Eco Burner have launched their 2021 catalogue with some amazing and innovative additions. Download the catalogue now! MORE ABOUT ECO SERVE Eco Serve is the most flexible, efficient, aesthetic and easy to use food warming & cooling system on the market. Below are some of the benefits. Powered by Eco Burner – […]

Durafrost – Automatic Glass Chilling System

Durafrost is an advanced glass chilling device that adds a new level of wow factor to making cocktails. Some of the stand-out benefits of Durafrost are stated below: Automatic timed activation which means while the glass is chilling, you can carry on with other activities such as preparing garnishes or pre-mixing the cocktail Saves on […]

Luxury Food & Beverage Trolleys – Hand Made in Italy by Faar

Faar luxury food service trolleys are hand-made in Italy in the finest detail. The components are produced by local artisans, consisting of different types of wood, stainless steel, silver and glass. The ranges come in different finishes and styles, ensuring either a traditional or contemporary look to suit your premises. The ranges consist of but […]

Finally, Profitable Champagne by the Glass

Winefit has released the Duravin+ sparkling and still wine preservation system. This allows venues to confidentally expand the range of sparkling wine and champagne by the glass. Using Winefit’s range of stopper, a simple and quick process replaces atmosphere with CO2 and is then hermetically sealed. This will give you well over two weeks of […]

Custom Charcoal Grilling, Cooking and Smoking Solutions

Kopa Grilling Solutions manufactures a vast range of charcoal grilling cooking and smoking solutions. The range consists of: Oven/Grill, Smoker/Slow Cook Oven, Robata Grill, Parilla Grill, Yakitori/Hibachi Grill. You will learn more about why to choose Kopa when it comes to charcoal cooking and the magnificent range further down in this article. Kopa now offers […]

Eco Serve – The Next Level In Flexible Food Presentation

Eco Serve is the most flexible, efficient, aesthetic and easy to use food warming & cooling system on the market. Below are some of the benefits. Powered by Eco Burner – Reducing carbon emissions compared to chafing fuel by 75% and running costs by up to 50% Waterless – No need to dangerously carry hot […]

Safe & Sustainable Corporate & Small Group Catering Solutions

Eco Serve is a portable food warming & cooling device, designed for the presentation of buffet style food, canapés, individual portions and more. Eco serve uses waterless food warming technology thanks to it’s unique design & powered by the innovative Eco Burner – a safe, cheap and environmentally friendly alternative to chafing fuel. Find out […]

Hygiene Products by VENTA

VENTA have adapted to the current world environment by introducing FRONTSHIELD which is a range of sneeze guards suited to the entire range of VENTA modular LIVE COOKING, BUFFET & BANQUETING SYSTEMS. Designed to be unintrusive  to the complete table surface by clipping to the sides of the frame, FRONTSHIELD gives a completely hygienic aspect […]

ELEMENTS by Venta – Live Cooking System

The latest addition to our buffet tables now concerns live cooking / front cooking, the experience of cooking and serving in front of the guests, so that every event becomes a highlight. The top focus was to ensure that the new ELEMENTS components can fit the existing range of VENTA tables. Our range of live […]

Venta – The Complete Modular Live Cooking, Buffet & Banqueting System

Venta now has the most complete modular and portable Live-cooking, Buffet and Banqueting system on the market, thanks to it’s innovative and comprehensive live cooking system. ELEMENTS Live Cooking Components has been added to the range. Consisting of Double-Induction, Teppanyaki Grill, Fryer, Pasta Cooker, Dim Sum Set & Carving Station to the cooking components which still […]

Innovative -5ºC to +140ºC Hot and Cold Food Presentation in One Self-Contained Unit

Austrian manufacturer, Hoeller produce an innovative Hot PLUS Cold Drop-In, Self-Contained Food Presentation Plate or Well. The ability to be able to serve food products like seafood, desserts, cold cuts, hot canapés, hot dishes & soups on one plate or well provides a versatility like no other product. Hot Breakfast – Cold Lunch – Hot Dinner […]

Kopa Commercial Charcoal Smoker & Oven in One

Traditional cooking techniques meet modern technology with Kopa’s Commercial Smoker Oven. KOPA smoking oven is a versatile charcoal smoker/oven with the added speed of electrical heating. KOPA smoking oven is the traditional wood oven for the restaurant of the 21st century. Slowly cooked dishes that were till now possible to prepare only with the use […]

Serve Still & Sparkling Wine by the glass in perfect condition for over two weeks

Serving still & sparkling wine by the glass can be very hit & miss in both quality and wastage. Duravin+ preserves still & sparkling wines, stopping oxidisation while maintaining perlage in sparkling wine and champagne. This allows venues to have a larger range by the glass and ensuring your guests get a glass in perfect […]

Eco Serve – Flexible Solutions for Individual Portions, Satellite Stations or Even Mobile.

Let’s face it, Buffets are heading into unchartered territory. But let’s also face it, buffets will need to find a way! Too many industry sectors depend on buffets….or a version of them! Facilities like convention centres / caterers / hotel / event spaces / executive lounges and the list goes on. Eco Serve is a […]

Duravin+ Wine & Champagne Preservation Systems

Duravin+ by Italian manufacturer, Winefit are an innovative range of wine & champagne preservation systems that allow you to confidentally serve by the glass. Duravin+ keeps wine and champagne in perfect condition for a minimum of two weeks. Champagne by the glass is a common issue for restaurants, bars, pubs and cellar doors as  profitability […]

AluChef – Looks Like Cast Iron But A Fraction Of The Weight

Enhance your buffet and kitchen with the versatile and functional, AluChef aluminium cookware. With the look of traditional cast iron casserole pots, AluChef is only a fraction of the weight as it is made from cast aluminium. This eliminates OH&S & operational issues, generally associated with using cast iron and other heavy cookware. LIGHT WEIGHT Take […]

Pullman Brisbane Shows Leadership In Sustainability

Congratulations to Ahmad Ghaddar and the team at @pullmanbrisbane for making substantial sustainability savings since switching to @ecoburner last year. Ahmad and the Pullman Brisbane team have saved 2.9 tons of carbon emissions & 520kg of waste going into landfill. As a group, @accor Australia has saved over 15 tons of #carbon using #ecoburner for […]

Gastronorm EcoServe Is On It’s Way

We are please to announce that Eco Serve has developed and launched the latest product in the range GN1/1. A gastronorm sized version of the already successful round Eco serve. Why EcoServe GN1/1 GN1/1 has the same benefits as EcoServe round. No need to dangerously carry hot water to the buffet or waste valuable time […]

Gastros Invisible Undercounter Induction

INNOVATIVE UNDERCOUNTER SOLUTION FOR YOUR BUFFET Keep food warm with invisible technology from Gastros Switzerland. The InductWarm® 130+ module can be installed underneath counter tops made from different materials. Therefor it is the perfect comination of innovative technology and elegante surfaces – for a maximum of individuality and design flexibility. KEEP FOOD INVISIBLY WARM The […]

AluChef Cast Aluminium Casserole Pots

AluChef gives you the look of cast iron casserole pots but only a fraction of the weight – on average only 1/3 to 1/4 of the weight. This is brilliant from an OH&S perspective, allowing staff to service buffets and serveries without risk of injury. AluChef is an cast aluminium pot which has an internal […]

Eco Serve News

Eco Serve – powered by Eco Burner, is continuing to grow momentum worldwide and is now in over 40 countries! Eco Serve is a sleek, sustainable, waterless alternative to chafing dishes offering a fresh new look for: Buffets, Outdoor Events, Corporate Suites, Working Lunches, Weddings and many more applications – Click here to find out […]

Holler New 2019 Catalogue – New Products

Holler launched it’s latest catalogue at The Host exhibition in Milan this month. This catalogue highlights it’s staple range of products, particularly it’s world’s best Hot PLUS Cold plate. Holler also launched a range of new products such as: Woodline – A series of countertop hot and cold plates and wells with beautifully wooden surrounds […]

New Innovations By Venta Modular Buffet Systems

This year at the Host Exhibition, Venta released a number of new innovations to add to their already impressive range. But before we tell you all about them…a quick fact. One of the unique features of Venta the tables are adjustable in height. This allows you to create a beautiful buffet set-up with height and […]

10 New Products Launching at Fine Foods Sydney

Table Direct are exhibiting at Fine Foods Sydney, displaying Eco Serve & Eco Burner, along with a snapshot of the latest ranges Figgjo, Pordamsa, Mepra, Seltmann & Toyo Sasaki. We are well known for our beautiful ranges of tableware and buffet displays, but we are here to let you know we are now much more! In addition […]

It’s Time For Action on Waste


Temptainer – Hot, Cold & Combination Food Transport Trolleys

Temptainer is the new generation of high quality stainless steel boxes from Hallins. The aim is the same as before – to create the absolute best conditions to preserve the essence of good food, all the way from kitchen to table. The right temperature with low energy consumption and the right design for perfect hygiene […]

Sanodegusto Tableware with Intergrated Hot & Cold Holding Technology

Sanodegusto is a striking range of tableware, plates and platters with integrated Tempcontrol technology. Simply put, you store your plates in either in a warmer or freezer and then once taken out, Tempcontrol technology slowly releases the hot or cold. What’s even more amazing is the hot version drops to 55ºC quickly and then maintains […]

Eco Serve Gallery – Worldwide Customers

Eco Serve, powered by Eco Burner is a sleek, waterless alternative to chafing dishes. Eco Serve is safe, environmentally friendly, versatile, portable & extremely cost effective! Eco Serve has now made it’s mark in dozens of countries worldwide and is used in a variety of locations from creative caterers in Australia to 5 star hotel […]

Kopa – Professional Charcoal Cooking & Grilling Solutions

REDISCOVER GRILLING – PROFESSIONAL GRILL CHARCOAL OVENS Table Direct are proud to announce that we are the new distributors of Kopa Professional Charcoal Ovens. Kopa Ovens manufacture a brilliant range of professional cooking solutions. The Kopa range is lead by its flagship product, Kopa Charcoal Oven Grills. Not to be outdone, the rest of the […]

Eco Serve – Safe, Green & Stylish

EcoServe is powered by EcoBurner and is changing the style of buffets worldwide while saving water, reducing waste going to landfill and cutting carbon emissions. Top Hotel News, May 2019 See what else Top Hotel News said about Eco Serve in their May article. Click Here About Eco Serve EcoServe is a sleek, waterless food […]

Illuminate Your Event Space With Venta Design

Venta Design developed an elegant buffet furniture range for the high demands of the hotel industry and for exclusive events. It is equipped with a range of technical features to keep dishes hot or cold. We offer exclusive buffet tables with integrated devices, which are installed below the table-top and are almost invisible. The need […]

Mepra – Stile by Pininfarina / Luxury Customisation

Thanks to its unmistakable style, this design house has given life to some of the most stunning cars in automobile history and objects that entered in the dreams of generations of people. More than 85 years in creating beauty allow to give life to unique objects touching every aspect of the human experience. Mepra solid […]

Mepra Contemporary Flatware

All Cutlery Available in:  

Pordamsa – Design for Chefs – Inspired by Nature

Pordamsa’s ‘Sublime’ range is inspired by nature and features creations resembling Oyster Shell, Sea Urchins, Cocoa Pods, Ice, Craters and much more. Their Banqueting range is beautiful and functional with a real point of difference. You will find Pordamsa in Michelin Star and Hatted restaurants all over the world Designed for Chefs who actively seek […]

Venta Design Portable Buffet & Banqueting Furniture

Venta Design is developed in Berlin, produced in Europe, and is sold worldwide. Venta Design developed an elegant buffet furniture range for the high demands of the hotel industry and for exclusive events. It is equipped with a range of technical features to keep dishes hot or cold. We offer exclusive buffet tables with integrated […]

Figgjo – Beautiful Scandinavian Design

Figgjo, located near Stavanger in Norway produces traditionally crafted, Scandinavian designed porcelain. Figgjo is extremely strong and environmentally friendly, utilising 100% natural materials and accompanied by a 5 year chip guarantee on round plates.Figgjo’s specialties are the unique, small batch décor finishes. As well as designing and producing bespoke finishes to suit the feel of the […]

Höller Hot PLUS Cold Buffet Solutions

Höller manufacturers some of the world’s most innovative buffet products. The buffet plates and wells are both HOT and COLD in one device. This gives the flexibility to display either hot or cold food on the same unit. The temperatures range from -5◦C to 140◦C giving you huge flexibility on product serving. Example: -5◦C for presentation or seafood, […]

The Ultimate Live Cooking Station

Livecookintable delivers the ultimate flexibility. The fully portable and collapsible system looks and feels like permanent, custom-built equipment designed specifically for the space. Livecookintable is a contemporary, modular furniture design and innovative kitchen technology complete with portable exhaust canopy: Suitable for: Live-Cooking, Front Cooking, Grill, Pop-up, Asian Food, Dim sum Station, Barbeque, Beverage Bar, Tapas […]

Bocuse d’or Australia Platter – Custom Designed by Mepra

I was very proud to be tasked with designing the platter for team Bocuse d’Or Australia 2019 in last week’s Bocuse d’Or finale in Lyon, France. Team Australia’s chef Michael Cole and commis chef Laura Skvor were placed 14th out of 24 countries. The competition was truly at the highest level seen for sometime with world class chefs […]